Statewide Community Flu Vaccine Clinics Start Sept. 27

The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) will be providing flu vaccines across the state in preparation for the 2020-21 flu season starting Sept. 27. Each county health unit in Arkansas will be hosting a community flu vaccine clinic, which is typically a day-long event when the health unit and numerous community volunteers come together to provide flu vaccine to as many people as possible.

The shot is available at no charge. People should bring their insurance cards with them to the flu vaccine clinic. If anyone does not have insurance, or the insurance does not cover flu vaccine, the vaccine will still be available at no charge. Contact the nearest local health unit for information about community flu vaccine clinics. Local health unit contact information can be found at

“The flu should not be taken lightly,” said Jennifer Dillaha, MD, chief medical officer. “We are encouraging everyone to get a flu vaccine to protect themselves and their families, because it is hard to predict in advance how severe the flu season is going to be. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is especially important to keep yourself healthy and out of the hospital.”

The flu is easily spread through coughing or sneezing and by touching something, such as a doorknob, with the virus on it and then touching their nose or mouth. Good hand washing habits are important in preventing the flu; however, the best way to prevent the flu is to get the vaccine.